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Damp Proofing

High grade damp proofing.

A damp-proof course (often abbreviated to DPC) is a horizontal barrier in a wall designed to resist moisture rising through the structure by capillary action - a phenomenon known as rising damp. A damp-proof membrane (DPM) performs a similar function for a solid floor. Moisture resistance is not necessarily absolute: it is usually defined by a specific test method, limits, and engineering tolerances.

DPC layer is usually laid below all the walls, regardless of the issue that the respective wall is a load bearing wall or a partition wall. Usually, a DPC membrane is 4" to 9" wide.

Damp Proof Course?

Rising Damp is simply, water from the ground that enters a structure by capillary action. Water that enters or affects a building through any other route can move about in various ways but is not rising damp. Only rising damp can be cured by the installation of a chemical damp proof course.

We can install a new chemical damp proof course to cure rising damp.

Basement Tanking

Basement & cellar conversions offer a great way to get much needed space that can work for all different situations, creating an extra bedroom, a gym or children's playroom - the possibilities are endless and the days of the dark, damp basements and cellars are firmly confined to history.

We can waterproof your basement and cellar to create a dry living space.

Woodworm Treatment

The most common wood destroying beetle found in British buildings today is the Common Furniture Beetle Anobium Punctatum. This insect commonly occurs outdoors infesting dead tree trunks, branches and other forms of timber, the main cause for concern is its ability to infest internal timbers.

We can carry out a woodworm treatment to eradicate all wood boring beetles.

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